Kantar World Audiences Summit 2013 – Day Two


One of the things I liked the most about the Kantar Media World Audiences Summit is that each Kantar office is asked to invite one of their clients to join the conference.  This made for a very informative and interactive experience because there was a unique opportunity to listen and learn from Kantar Media clients from around the world, in addition to Kantar Media internal colleagues.

I run the International Client Department at CSM Media Research based in China and the Summit organizers ask me to invite one of my clients.  I chose Joanna Von Felkerzam, Director, Research and Insights, APAC of the global media agency Starcom Mediavest Group, www.smvgroup.com.  In addition the organizers asked if Joanna could be part of a panel that would address complexity in the current media research environment.  The panel also included Magnus Anshelm, Chief Executive, MMMS, which is the Joint Industry Committee in Sweden and Alexander P. Nielsen, Nordics Research Director, Discovery Networks based in Denmark.  By having a representatives from a media agency, a broadcaster and a JIC together in one panel, each executive could address complexity from their perspective and hopefully through the dialog find common solutions and opportunities.

I must admit that I was concerned that the panel would turn out to be a theoretical discussion covering issues at the macro level.  I was pleased to be proven wrong and the discussion was very current, practical and lively.  Some of the takeaways I got from the panel discussion were that measurement of online video consumption is important in itself but it also needs to be merged with traditional television audience measurement and other data points using trusted and transparent practices.  Having content online creates an important connection with viewers because viewers can watch what they want, when the want rather than being forced to watch during a traditional television schedule.  However, this creates a challenge for researchers to measure event driven content (I discussed this in a previous blog).  The panel also covered the impact of social media on television consumption because it can create tremendous buzz around a particular television program.  Again, this also creates a challenge for researchers to measure the impact of social media on television consumption.

This was the first time I attended the annual Kantar Media World Audiences Summit and I am grateful to have been invited.  I am also grateful Joanna accepted my invitation to attend because her extensive knowledge and broad insights added value to the conference.